The Role Of A Dental Nurse

metal-bracesA dental nurse plays a very important role assisting and supporting a dentist; dental nurses are present for a wide range of procedures, from routine check-ups to tooth extractions.

What do dental nurses do?

Dental nurses are responsible for assisting a dentist; they have a wide range of tasks and roles, including taking notes while a dentist examines the patient’s mouth and noting changes and comments in the patient’s records, preparing instruments, solutions and materials and passing the dentist the relevant equipment.

Dental nurses also play an important role in ensuring that the patient is relaxed and comfortable and they are particularly valuable when treating nervous patients and patients who suffer from dental phobia. Nurses can help to comfort anxious patients and children, explain what the procedure involves and answer questions about the treatment process.

In some settings, such as small general dental practices, nurses may also take on administerial roles, such as filing patient records, making appointments and taking payments.

Where do dental nurses work?

There are various options for dental nurses; most dental nurses work in general dental practices, but they can also work in the community and in hospitals; there is also the option of joining the armed forces.

There is a choice of working for the NHS or for a private practice or clinic in the UK. Cosmetic dental nurses are able to earn well if their skill set is advanced and they work with a top dentist. Cosmetic dentistry in Bolton is popular currently so nurses may find themselves being drawn to an area such as this.

nurseHow do you become a dental nurse?

In order to pursue a career in dental nursing you must undertake training and register with the General Dental Council. There are two ways of gaining the qualifications you need to become a dental nurse; you can either get a work placement in a dental surgery and study part-time or you can complete a full-time nursing course, which is approved by the GDC. Most courses combine academic study with clinical placements, so that nurses gain experience of the world of work and are able to develop their practical skills.

What are the benefits of a career in dental nursing?

Dental nursing, like many types of nursing, is a very rewarding career because you are actively helping people and making them feel better. Nurses working in general dental practices tend to work 9-5, although some practices offer extended hours on selected days and some offer appointments on Saturday mornings. Dental nursing is the best paid job in the world but there is always a demand for nurses, so job security is good. The world of dentistry is evolving at lightening speed and these are exciting times for dentists and nurses; the range of treatments available to patients is expanding all the time, there is new technology coming out and equipment has become more advanced. With such a large number of patients coming through the door, from all walks of life, no two days are the same, which means that work is always interesting.

If you are interested in dentistry, you like working as part of a team, you want to help others and you are looking for a rewarding and interesting job, dental nursing could be a great option.

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