The Risks of Breaking a Dental Implant

dentalDental implants are made from titanium, almost as strong as steel, are able to hold up to high amounts of pressure and daily use for biting and chewing. Patients usually have no problems with using their dental implants as they would normal teeth, and rarely even remember they have an implant. However, special care does need to be taken during the healing process to avoid shifting the implant and doing damage.

When the dental implant is first installed by a knowledgeable UK cosmetic dentist , the implant needs time to fully bond with the bone. It’s recommended that the patient take extra care not to bite hard down onto the implant during this time, as the implant could shift and damage the bone and gums. Optimally only one tooth replacement is supported by each dental implant, but if the dentist has opted to add more than one to a single implant, extra care will always be need to avoid cracking the dental appliance away from the implant.

As long as care is taken during the first few months when the implant is at it’s most vulnerable, patients should be able to use their new dental appliances just like they used their natural teeth.

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