Show Me Your Teeth!

girl with a smileLet’s face facts. When it comes to matters of personal appearance, we obsess over our shape, skin and hair colour before we start thinking about our teeth. Teeth are one of those extras (rather like eyebrows) that are just there. Yes, they’re handy for grinding our food, but what other purpose do they serve? And now you come to think of it- when was the last time you went to the dentist?

Regrettably, you couldn’t be more wrong. It doesn’t matter what age or gender you are, taking care of your pearly whites does matter. Don’t view it as an onerous task that has to be shoehorned into your routine but a complement, like a cherry on a cake.

Here are some top tooth care tips, proving that it’s not just a passing fad!

1)  Teach your kids the importance of tooth care

I’m astonished by the excuses parents invent to justify their child’s lack of dental awareness. “He’s scared of the dentist,�? “She doesn’t like toothpaste,�? “They’re not eating those sorts of foods yet…�?

An important fact to remember: you’re the adult, they’re the child. If you establish early on that brushing your teeth is non negotiable, they’re more likely to accept it. While you don’t want to upset them, make it clear what will happen if they don’t- “Your teeth will get holes and they’ll fall out.�? Certainly don’t let the tooth fairy, one of the most nefarious myths invented, come into it. The last thing you want is for your child to connect losing teeth with financial windfalls!

Get them off to a good start. Allow them to choose a fun, wacky toothbrush- they’ll come to associate brushing with it, and enjoy it more. Invest in children’s dental care products- Colgate offers an especially good range.

braces2)  Braces are not “vanity�?

Let’s get rid of one of the most pernicious healthcare myths out there: braces are not vanity, or restricted to teenage girls. While orthodontists do recommend adolescence as the best time to seek treatment, this may not have been available to everyone at that age.

Braces correct a multitude of sins that, if left to their own devices, could result in complications. Crooked teeth can lead to problems with chewing, which increases the chance of tooth decay (food sticks to their teeth, causing a build up in bacteria) and causes agonising headaches and backaches. Then there’s the common issue of an overbite (when your teeth are too far forward) or underbite (when your bottom teeth extend past your upper teeth). Not only do these cause deeply uncomfortable bites, a deep underbite can cut into the tissue alongside your jaw, leading to serious damage.

If you’re an adult considering a brace, you should get in touch with a reputable orthodontist. Turret Orthodontics are an excellent, specialist team who will advise on the best treatment for you.

3)  They’re “pearly�? for a reason

After years of use, it’s not surprising that your teeth may come off looking the worse for wear. It might be that you’re keen on highly flavoured or spicy food or like fizzy drinks. Perhaps you drink a good deal of coffee. Either way, it has one noticeable result: discoloured teeth.

You might ask, “What does it matter?�? Well … quite a lot. The evidence suggests that stained and unattractive teeth are a turn off for romantic partners, and many businesses would think twice before hiring a candidate with an ugly smile. Although this may sound shallow, you can understand the reasoning. If this potential suitor or employee has let one of their most noticeable features go, how can you trust them with your heart- or your accounts, for that matter?

Although tooth whitening kits might work for a short term fix, they’re not the answer if you’re seeking a permanent solution. Harley Teeth Whitening provides revolutionary laser teeth whitening, leading to instant results. You’ll never have to shop for ineffective whitening toothpaste again!

cigarette-1-1319309-m4)   Give up smoking!

You can have the most meticulous oral hygiene in the world, but if you carry on smoking, you’re fighting a losing battle. Smoking’s effect on teeth is notorious- as well as so-called ‘smoker’s breath’, it leads your teeth to take on a stained brown appearance, and results in a greater build up of plaque and tartar. There’s no point in flashing your gnashers if they look unsightly!  In addition to this, smokers are at a far bigger risk of developing gum disease and oral cancer.

Do yourself a favour. Give up as soon as you can, before your teeth pay the price. Since we understand habits are incredibly hard to break, and nicotine withdrawal can be a terrible ordeal, find a substitute that suits you. Nicotine Direct is one of the best suppliers on the web.


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