What is Secondary Infertility

Secondary Infertility is when a couple already has one or more children but is having trouble conceiving again. Secondary infertility can be equally upsetting for couples as primary infertility as the hope of having more than one child or a brother and sister for their existing child may take over.

There are many reasons for secondary infertility such as a man experiencing low sperm count or an ovulatory problem that the women experiences. In 19% of cases of secondary infertility the causes cannot be identified as it is unexplained infertility.

Secondary infertility can be recognised often after a couple has been trying for at least a year or more for a baby. There are many treatments that can be prescribed for women experiencing secondary infertility such as IVF and artificial insemination which can help a woman to conceive using a glass tube which helps to unite the sperm with the egg cells.

A combination of factors from the man and woman contribute to secondary infertility and other factors such as stress can affect a person’s fertility.

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