9 Weirdest Medical Conditions

There is barely anything that science cannot answer and technology cannot achieve. Yet, there are people who have numerous weird and strange medical conditions that technology and medicine cannot answer. These are conditions that even the best valetudinarian couldn’t think or dream of: inability to feel fear, unwanted orgasm, strange fibre growing from the skin etc. While some are more intriguing than others, here is a look at 9 weirdest medical conditions that tops the list


Haemolacria is a medical condition where a person cries tears of blood, and is associated with severe conjunctivitis. The tears of blood however are not visible to the human eye. According to the journal ‘Acta Ophthalmological’ this condition mostly occurs in fertile women who are menstruating. This condition was reported in India where a woman was reportedly crying tears of blood but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her.


You probably have experienced icky or creepy incidents that made your skin crawl. But there are people who actual feels things crawling under their skin. Morgellon disease is a condition whose epidemiology is not well established. People with this condition feel crawling, biting and itching under their skin and sometimes they feel fatigued and suffer memory loss. The cause of this condition remains unknown though CDC (Centre of Disease Control and Prevention) started studying it from 2008. Doctors and some scientist have different views regarding this disease. Some argue that the conditions is as a results of a skin disorder, while others argue that, the symptoms are as a results of mental disorder or illness.

Cotard’s syndrome

Cotards syndrome also popularly known as ‘the walking corpse syndrome’ or cotard’s delusion is uncommon diseases where the affected individuals think they are either dead or some parts of their body have decayed. Cotard’s syndrome is mostly experienced by people with bipolar or schizophrenia disorder and also in some patients suffering from trauma or tumour and migraines. People suffering from this disease believe that they are missing certain body parts or organs and sometimes they also believe they are missing their souls (their souls are dead)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

People with this condition are said to have a heightened flexibility or hyper flexibility (ability to bend limbs in unusual manner). Most people with this condition also have unordinary stretchy skin and they are known to bruise quickly and also heal slowly. Almost half the people with this condition have a mutation in their COL5A2 and COL5A1 genes. There is 8 other mutation associated with the syndrome which causes a reduced amount of collagen in connective tissue.

Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand Syndrome has been featured in the movie “Dr Strangeclove” which is a story of a person who had a hand that seemed to have a mind of its own. People with this disease have a hand that grabs holds and reaches onto things without the person’s intention. According to the journal of Stroke & cerebrovascular disease, the condition is caused by a stroke in the brains right parietal lobe.


This is a condition that makes a person fearless. It is a strange genetic disorder that can cause hardening of the brain tissue. A documented case of this disease is that of a woman who was exposed to an environment (snakes, spiders, haunted house, horror films etc.) in which natural it would have aroused fear in her but she remained calm. It is said that, the condition interfered with her amygdala -the part of the brain that cause fear response.

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS)

People with this disease often feel distressed or embarrassed when experiencing orgasm. This is because this disease causes hypersensitivity to orgasm with a mare touch or minor application of pressure and even sometimes with no trigger

Alice in wonderland syndrome

This is a disease in which object appear small or bigger than they really are. For instance, a dog might appear as small as a mice and a ladybird as big as an elephant. It is usually a temporary condition that influences our perceptions of the things around us. It is associated with migraine and mostly occurs at the edge of sleep. The disease affects our sense of depth, size and even time.

Exploding head syndrome

Exploding head syndrome is a condition that causes one to hear some exploding sounds. People with this condition hear all kind of explosion interrupting them from their sleep. This disease is said to be caused by extreme fatigue or anxiety

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