CEREC Dentistry

dental-1If you’ve ever had a chipped or cracked tooth you will know the feeling – one of pain and general inconvenience. Then there’s the hassle of arranging time to get to your dentist and frankly you’d like the problem dealt with as soon as possible.

Well, this is where CEREC dentistry comes into play – it could be the perfect solution in such circumstances. The service promises to prepare and fit your new tooth all in one single visit. It could all be done within the hour too! Interested? Read on to learn more about this new, digital-led technique.

What Is CEREC Dentistry?

Let’s start from the beginning and the purpose of this modern procedure. What is it good for? Ultimately, it allows your dentist to first design and then create and fit into place an onlay or inlay, or a new crown or veneer.

So how does it work? Similar to when fitting a crown or veneer the dentist will prepare your tooth to acquire an impression. However, with this new procedure instead of the dental putty being used a digital image is instead captured.

Then – and this is a key way in which time is saved – the image is swiftly turned into a 3D computerised model of the tooth which can be used to guide the restoration. Once the newly-designed tooth, created digitally, is ready it can then be sent to a milling machine at the same site to create the new tooth from a ceramic block.

The milling process is likely to take between six and thirty minutes, according to the equipment being used. Afterwards the dental practitioner may decide to shape or colour the restoration before it’s cemented into the place in the patient’s mouth. That’s it – yes, that simple!

dent-3What Else Should I Know About This Treatment?

As you might have already gathered, the key selling point of this procedure is the speed and ease of the treatment. The fact that it only takes one single visit is clearly its most popular aspect, cutting out the need for waiting by both the patient and dentist for the restoration to be made.

In terms of the cost, you may be surprised to learn that it does not cost a huge deal more to have the CEREC procedure than it would to use conventional lab-made crowns and veneers. This is due in part to the fact that it only requires one visit and also cuts out laboratory fees. So, you would be looking at a price range of between about £380 and £700 per tooth.

There are a range of practices across the UK which offer the CEREC dentistry treatment so it’s definitely a relatively simple option worth considering. A quick and speedy procedure to fix a dental problem is always likely to be a popular one!

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